jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

The Styleline Interview

ROXANA’S STYLE: Feminine, casual and spontaneous.
CELEBRITY/FASHIONISTA LOOKALIKE: Mmm, in style I woud say Bianca Brandolini d’Adda I love the simplicity in every outfit, from the hair and makeup to the clothes and shoes she wears. of course there are lots of other wonderful people with great style and taste (Olivia Palermo, Kate moss, Edie Sedgewick, Jackie O), but right this moment, Bianca came to my mind and relate my style with hers…
INSPIRATION: My inspiration comes from many places, but mostly on people who have transcended and have extensive knowledge on what they do, not necessarily in the area of design or fashion. But people with passion and vision for what they do. People who believe in themselves and in others, who bring something to our society and that can be an example and inspiration too. My dreams are many, succeed as a graphic designer and fashion stylist, to always be a person humble and down to earth, to contribute something to our society, but I think it all comes down to being HAPPY, thats what everybody wants in the end.
FASHION THROUGH THE AGES: Simple, elegant cuts of the early sixties.
A QUOTE/MOTTO YOU LIVE BY: Having guts always works out for me.
FALLING IN LOVE: This fall I’m looking forward to leggings, layer and layers of clothes, socks with heels, and fur coats.

Good night lovely readers, tonight is one of those nights, when you're tired but can't go to sleep because your to busy or simply entertained and catching up on old things... like blog, magazines, music, etc...
Its been a while.. I was in finals on school (busy and didn't do that well) , but im back! (yeeey)
So while I was learning (yes learning) how tumblr works, I found this interview over the internet that I did a couple of months ago.. so here it is.!
Hope you enjoy it...
Good night!

Buenas noches queridos lectores, Hoy es una de esas noches.. en las que estas cansada pero no te vas a dormir por que simplemente estas muy ocupada o entretenida actualizandote con cosas que hace tiempo no hacías... como mi blog, revistas, musica,etc..
Ya paso mucho tiempo, perdón por el abandono,pero es que estaba en finales en la universidad (no me fue tan bien que digamos) pero estoy de regreso (yeey!)
Mientras aprendía (si, aprendía!) a usar Tumblr, encontré esta entrevista que me habían hecho hace un par de meses.. así que se las comparto, espero la disfruten...
Buenas noches!