lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

busy bisi bee Z

Ok, so i just realized my house is a total chaos!!!!!!!! the kitchen with all the dirty dishes, all the dirty laundry, with all the clean laundry i have to fold. I'm totally putting that aside because i think there are more important things to do, like posting something here. Of course this is therapy for me! because i leave the actual world and i enter fantastic fashion world! were i leave all my stress behind.
Another super important thing to do is to decide we're im going to watch the world cup of Mexico VS uruguay tomorrow at 6:30 am, so yes my house will probably remain a mess until tomorrow!!
im totally careless and it feels GOOD gud guth :)
ok after all the explanation above here's what i think you want to see
i decided to do a post about DIOR resort collection 2011 because i think that for a long time we've been seeing a lot of more neutral colors, and when i saw this i just thought "barbie clothes for humans" you know.. its just super femenine and i think we needed this !! really , we are girls c'mon! and right now is the perfect time, sun is shining *
so let bright colors invade your wardrobe!!

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