domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

black and brown

(wearing:h&m jacket, f21 boots)
Its 1:00 am and im eating chips (tostitos,doritos,valentina) and finally doing a blog post about my look of the day.
This is what I wore today, the weather was windy and very cloudy, so this outfit was a good choice. I was supossed to go to LA but everything was against it, so the mission was not possible :( maybe next weekend, I have a lot of things to do. Right now im in finalls (school) , and i was very sick but im GOOD now:)
Plenty more stuff going on lately, everything cool. im doing my new list of things i need for this cold weather, in it there's still my fur vest, which i haven't found yet, mesh dress, jeffrey campbell platforms, and some stuff from Lanvin for HM but i don't think i will find anything in stores:(. staying positive though, and i can't think of anything else by the moment, but im keeping in mind, bold, color red, crazy hats, heels and socks, stockings, punk, cateye(im dying!!!) and many more things, just sharing what's on my mind right now.
muamua mua

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