miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

a gift for HIM (x-mas)

So.. I've never made a post about "him" ever, so this was new for me, I found a lot of cool stuff.. like REALLY REALLY cool.
These are just some ideas of what to give him for christmas, I always think an accesorie is a good choice, since its something he can use more that a shirt (clothes) , a watch (cufflinks,wallet,etc) , he can use it almost with eveything, and he will remember you everytime he see's it:)
hope you like it..

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  1. no manches super like !!!! me facino yeeyy roox cool ideas esque me toco un amigo para el intercambio and i went black for ideas :D me encanta tu blog you are amazing love you xoxox