viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011


Ahua!!! so proud to be MEXICAN I love my country! and yesterday was "El GRITO" I had so much fun, danced all nigh long! im super tired today, but it was worth it. Getting together with my best friends is really something I enjoy, I think we all do.. (Duuuh)
Apart from that, Im sorry for my lack of posts, really!!! so so SORRY, i'll catch up! is just that I got sick, and back to school, projects.... so theres a lot going on right now, I have to organize my priorities, and set times to do each thing.. because im a mess! Hopefully I will do it.!!!!
So about my outfit,, its very simple, I just wore denim shorts, platforms and a mexican shirt, with flowers... comfortable and mexican ... hope you like it..

Feliz día de la independencia!

XOXO ay ay ay!!!!!!!

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