lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011


His current designs are exceptionally well-tailored and elegant. With hints of delicate details and use of fine colors: Tom Ford is disturbingly on point. Now, a fashion designer and successful film director, Tom Ford is on top of his own empire; and it has never looked better.

Lending his design talent to four general categories: color, contouring, skincare, and scent. His color range includes blushes, lip glosses, nail lacquers, eye shadow quads, and the Noir Absolute for Eyes, a multitasking black pigment that can be worn as a shadow or a liner. The highlight of the contouring offerings is Shade and Illuminate, a duo of creamy pigments that add definition and highlights. And as for skincare, he’s devised two cleansers, two moisturizers, an eye cream, a serum, and an Illuminating Protective Primer with SPF 32. Known for his fragrances, Ford has also created two new scents: Santal Blush, a sheer sandalwood eau meant to represent the line’s nude tones, and Jasmine Rouge, a red-bottled homage to the white flower that speaks to the collection’s richer tones.
Here, he talks favorites and why the next beauty frontier just might be makeup for men.
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