miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

MFWM Day 1

Hello!!!!! and greetings from my hometown Mexico city! Im so happy to be here!!!! I really love everything about this city!!!!!
This time I came to the Mercedez Fashion Week, and so far so good. Yesterday was crazy!!!!!!
missed to shows because traffic was crazy, but was able to attend to four other shows, "royal closet, Arturo Ramos, Macario Jimenez and Alejandro Carlin" I'll write about that later...
Ate sushi and mojitos between shows, took pictures, and after the last show, we went to buy a lot of junk food (not proud) to end the day...

3 comentarios:

  1. Que emoción! Ya quiero ver las fotos!! Saludos desde Tijuana!!

  2. Me encantó la falda y bueno obvio el look divino! lo mejor son las fotos en el 7 eleven jaja
    Ylenia / Ambitieuse

  3. Gracias por sus comentarios !!! si 7eleven was fun! pronto mas fotos!! xoxoxoxoox