sábado, 3 de julio de 2010


Today i went to the beach just to relax and drink coffee with a friend, everything was going well, until this young guy aproach us, and asked us if we wanted some temporary tatoos, you know the ones that last for about a month or so, and i've always wanted to try that, so i was super excited and got like 3 tatoos( haha ok maybe to excited, but they were tiny tiny) anyway.. the tattoos looked pretty much like a handwritting with a pen that i tried to erase with water. long story short a wast of money!!!!! but to be honest i had fun. of course im never making that mistake again!
so... at least i learned something
here are some pictures of the "tattoo process" wich was a total failure, and just another ones of me having fun in the beach and in a very creepy house i used to go when i was in high school.

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