jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011


Cristina Ordaz, is a very talented makeup artist, she can do absolutly anything when it comes to makeup. And never planned or expect to do what she's doing right now, but she felt passionate about it, and noticed she was actually really good at it. She then decided to teach women how to do their own makeup and by doing this women feel more confident about themselves, it is all about making your natural beauty stand out."I want to use makeup to make women feel beautiful and above all to make women feel more confident about themselves." She is an IT GIRL 2011 because she believes in herself and helps women believe in themselves too.



5 comentarios:

  1. Wow esa es mi Cris, guapa, talentosa, llena de buena vibra y valores, que mas se puede pedir? Muchos besos!!

  2. Me encanta!!!
    Es hermosa, divertida y talentosa!
    Love her!!!
    Besos desde perú!

  3. Me encanto volverlos a ver.... se les quiere.
    El talento lo tienes Cristy disfruta cada momento. Besos

  4. Si Cris no existiera....¡¡¡HABRÍA QUE INVENTARLA!! :-D

    Un ángel como mujer, y como profesional...

    ¡¡ENHORABUENA por todos los éxitos!!! ;-)