lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011


I chose Pera Chapita as one of my special guest, and coudn't be happier that she said yes. The girl behind pera chapita is Fernanda Loaiza; Oh my God, she is so talented! She is one of those people that you can see the talent the moment you see her. She's super organized, and conservative, but super chic at the same time. What Fer does is that she coordinates and gives you the event inspiration you need, for any ocassion. I would let her do any event with my eyes closed, Im just so amazed by her talent, and feel so lucky that she is taking care of everything when it comes to creating the athmosphere, decoration and inspiration in the "IT GIRLS 2011" event. I just know that everything is going to look Incredible.


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  1. : love each post about "IT GIRLS 2011" and the "SPECIAL GUEST" it's amazing how much talent are in tijuana. Other reason to stay tunned on your blog! besos. x

  2. YES there is:)
    Thank you BERE, stay tuned on twitter to win an invitation to the event:)
    @LINEATRES @roxanaphillips

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